Hilma af Klint's Paintings for the Future at the Guggenheim

I went to see this show the day after it opened. I have long been a fan of Hilma af Klint’s work and have been waiting for this show for a year! Thankfully, it was an immaculate to experience.

Klint’s work draws upon alchemical symbols and occult practices that spiritually activate the work’s content as well as their compositions. She researched these topics ferociously and was active in a select seance group with 5 other Women, De Fem. Klint had an otherworldly sense of duty driving these works, looking at them it is very apparent. These works drip with meaning. I believe this show is pivotal for contemporary art. I see it opening up a wider platform to revitalize spirituality in art.

This show has truly effected me, probably my favorite museum exhibition I’ve seen since moving to the city 2 years ago. I’m excited to learn more about her work. The show’s going to be up for a while, go see it if you have the chance!